Whether you’re an attacking midfielder, a forward, or a defender who is looking for quicker feet, dribbling drills are good steps toward making that happen. The harder you push yourself, the quicker your skills will improve.

Dribbling is such an essential part of becoming a successful soccer player that players almost can’t practice it too much. This “Christmas tree” activity will provide some challenges outside straightforward cone drills.


Start at the base of the “tree” using right foot only, turn using outside of right foot. Continue to the next cone, turn using inside of right foot. Continue until you reach the top of the “tree.” Switch to the left foot only, using inside/outside of the foot turns until you get back to the base. Rest five seconds, then turn around and restart the way you came using the same method of turning.

  • Start slow and build speed
  • Limit/minimize touches around cone on turns. Go from two touches to one.
  • Can work to dropping shoulder (dummy) then turn
  • Make the course smaller or larger
Tips For Improvement
  • Keep the ball close
  • Lots of little touches
  • “Check shoulder” to see next cone before turn

Activity Setup

How to Run

Activity Key