Coach Gaucho Pinho’s 99B Premier team sets a goal every year: To win championships. And how do they plan that? “Before each game, we ask: What’s our goal today? To win. How are we going to do that? What’s our strategy? How do we adjust to beat them? You always must respect the other team and then play your best and beat them,” Coach Gaucho says. While winning is obviously important, it isn’t the sole goal for the team. “The club mission is to develop a player to move on to the next team; he’s developing to go to college or go pro,” Gaucho says. “We emphasize that in addition to soccer technique and skills, grades are an important part of getting scholarships to college. Our motto is: ‘Skills for soccer. Skills for life.’ ” The 99B Premier are one of the top teams in the country. According to the coach, the UFA U18B Premier have won three State Cups in four years (U13, U14 and U16), and two Regional Championships (U13 and U14).

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