I Dribbling Activity

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With 10 cones, a soccer ball, and the determination to be the best player you can be, the I dribbling activity will help you fine-tune your skills with quality and repetitive touches on the ball. Don’t just want it, make it happen!

The I dribbling activity is intended to work on agility and dribbling. All players can improve on their change of direction and change of speed. The dribbling portion is most applicable to attacking midfielders, forwards, and other attackers, as well as defenders looking for quicker feet. The space between cones can be increased or decreased based on the needs of the player, as some might want to make it into a fitness component more specific to soccer than just running distance.

  • Start in the corner cone of the bottom base of the I. Dribble the ball around the cone at the middle of the base and through the middle four cones at the stern. Enter on the right side of the ride side of the first cone. Exit the last cone to the right and around the upper right corner cone of the upper base. Get to the middle cone of the upper base and stop the ball.
  • Side shuffle across the opposite corner and turn and run back to the ball.
  • Collect the ball and dribble back through the middle four cones again starting on the right side and exiting to the right corner cone. Round this last cone and finish the sequence at the same cone you started.
  • Right foot only.
  • Left foot only. To do this in the left direction, start in the opposite corner and enter on the left side of the first middle set of cones and exit to the left corner cone.
  • Make it more challenging. Try multiple runs, there and back twice.
  • Shuffle it up. Try side shuffles in both directions.

I Dribbling Activity


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Colin Barnes

Colin Barnes is a volunteer coach with the University of Alabama women’s soccer team. He also works for Alabama Soccer Association with the Olympic Development Program on state staff and Coaching Education Courses, plus was on Region III ODP staff for the boys. Barnes holds the USSF “A” License, NSCAA Premier Diploma, USSF National GK License, and USSF National Youth License.

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