About Upper90 Magazine

Upper90 Magazine aims to fuel the growth and passion for soccer through a partnership with each state’s local soccer governing body and a strategic 3E approach – to educate, excite, and evolve.

Educate: Highlight rules, policy changes, coaching tactics, practice plans, clinics, camps, colleges, and anything soccer-related in the state.
Excite: Continually build the passion for soccer through player and team spotlights, community outreach, special features, and interviews.
Evolve: Ensure the distribution and content of each issue advances the continued growth of soccer in the state through a symbiotic partnership with the state soccer governing body.

All content is geared towards increasing the soccer knowledge and level of play throughout the state. From promoting events, spotlighting talent, and educating the readership, the betterment of the sport is the singular focus of Upper90 Magazine.