Introducing Upper90 Magazine

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We are happy to introduce the official magazine of soccer in Alabama, Upper90 Magazine, which has partnered with Alabama Soccer Association (ASA) to fuel the growth and passion for soccer in Alabama.

As a preferred partner of ASA and the official magazine for soccer in Alabama, Upper90 Magazine will work closely with ASA to deliver content that is relevant to the soccer community of Alabama. From information on getting your young soccer player ready for college to training activities you can do at home to improve your game, Upper90 Magazine highlights topics that are important to you.

Each issue will spotlight clubs, teams, and players from around the state. We will have soccer updates about recreational, competitive, adult, college, professional, and more. Upper90 Magazine will be printed six times a year, perfect bound, and on the highest quality paper.

The Growth of Soccer in the United States and Alabama

Soccer is experiencing an unprecedented period of growth in the United States. With policy changes, national team success, and homegrown players transferring to top-tier teams, soccer is on the minds of Americans now more than ever. Concerns over safety in other sports is also driving parents to look for alternative outlets for their aspiring athletes, and soccer is filling that void.

Alabama Soccer Association (ASA) has a membership of more than 25,000 registered players statewide — youth and adult — and approximately 2,000 active coaches, referees, and administrators.

There are approximately 30 soccer tournaments per year in Alabama pulling teams from all over the state and neighboring states including Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana. When teams travel, they generally stay over an entire weekend and bring an influx of revenue to the local areas.

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